Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tsunami Pizza Never Heard of Such!!!!!

Pizza Hut tsunami pizza, well, you know me, if I can"t mess it up, it ain't there, people sniker sumtimes, like these little pizza girls did when I ordered this, hell I didn't know it was Tuscani pizza. I aint no pizza officiando, but I can damn sure eat em.
These guys come to the door [now i'm not offend'en no one here, or tryin to any ways] and they tell me, thay are Mormons from, Utah. Well they was strangers to me, so I said boys no sense in callin yourself morons, hell we gotta lots of slow folks, in these parts.
I don't know how I do that, started written this here blog and everbody talkin bout followers, hell, I thought I was at a garden show for a while. Bess, had to tell me wern't no flowers, that there was followers.
Well, thats when I knewd I'd be allright then, I wasn't gittin into this for no more flowers, hell, I got a yard full of em now. and I don't feel like pullin no more weeds.
Now, that selective hearing disease, I got thats.a horse in another race, gets me all screwed up,ain't gonna git into that, right now..
Well, I hope you enjoy this tsunami pizza, as much as
ole Mr. Bob did.


just-adam-okay? said...

i thnk i'd rather try the tsunami instead of the tuscany

Anonymous said...

lmfao mee be one then there slow folks Mrbob, i click fact or fiction. yes ser, you knoz I member huh
the flowerer , hell man i flew past that till bess told you to
mint bit man. yer your booger thing looking cool :D
I hate you, i dont eat them ther pizza, lucky fer ol slow minded me, its 730am
dam u im hungry

The Jules said...

Good job you don't suffer from acute angina.

Anonymous said...

fresh blog follow mine thanks

John Silveira said...

yer funny as hell

Brandon K. said...

Dope Blog ,

follow mine

Chester said...

I can see it now... Tsunami Pizza - The New Wave!

Chen-ou Liu said...

Your Tsunami Pizza makes me grin from ear to ear.


Innocent Owner Of Mad Cats said...

Mr Bob, I hope you were wearing your swim trunks when you ate it. :)

heidicindy said...


Sexsage said...

Oh Bob, where have all your flowers gone? (long time passing....)Where have all your flowers gone, boxed and to the right?

Where has all my pizza gone? Gone to Bob now everyone. When will they ever learn...not to let my pizza burn and deliver it before the tsunami?

We love you Bob - Sexsage.

Aree said...

Hi thanks for the added, have luck...

Liggy said...

Never heard of that kind of pizza either, but pizza sure sounds good with beer. Where's the beer?

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