Monday, August 24, 2009

"Teachers Pet" You Betcha! ! !

Always thought the teacher pet thing was a myth. I ain't ,till this point, never seen no teacher what was partial to enythin.
When I first started skool, I was a cute little tyke, meaner than hell, and way smarter in my briches, than most can imagine. Knew that cause, grandpap, always said, Ruth, that boy of yours is a real smartty britches, I knew I was special.
Took till about the third grade, before I kinda figgred out, I ain't no teachers pet, I was ten when I came to this discovery.
Hell, I was always in some kinda trubel, always havin to stay after skool for sumpthin.
Once cause, Jimmy Ray and me were fightin, he said I was cheatin, cause we were havin a toad race, he a had a biggen, so I talked him into given mine a little head start and his lost.
So, Mss. Sandra, being all diplomatic, an everthin, kept us in durin recess. She said now Jimmy just cause your frog lost the race, don't mean you have to fight. Now Bob you makin up the rules before the race startin, was fine, but just cause your frog is smaller than Jimm Ray's dont mean to make up unfair rules. Makin Jimmy's frog start at the starting line, and you lettin yours start 6 inches from the finish line... Then she just burst out in tears, laughing and carrying on and told us to leave,
I guess thats the closest i ever got to being a teachers pet.
Woder if this makes me a myth buster?


therealbobthought said...

this is dedicated to all you dedicated teachers out there. I f you want to ask a question please feel free, you might not get a straight answer though.
Probably a Mr. Bobism

Dayne Gingrich said...

I'm a "dedicated teacher!"

And you're definitely a myth buster! LOL!

I think I threw a frog at a student in the past... they all love me.

oximoron said...

I love the frogs! :)

Munial said...

frog racing. very lucrative industry...

Mahmood said...

Lovely froggy. Thanks for the visit. Visit my other blogs also.

Dr. P. Poorluk said...

My principal back in the dark ages always had a frog. What is it with frogs anyway? Grades K-8 they're pets, 9-12 they are disected.

g2bhapi26 said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog, your stories are funny especially the tsunami pizza one. I did read about your accident though, and that is an unbelievable story. I'm so sorry, it must have been traumatic. I myself have never been in a physically life threatening situation. But I do understand guilt. I do have a philosophy on guilt that if you are interested I could tell you sometime but I don't want to take up all your comment space so . . .

Sarah said...

you smart little thing bob. this is mark twain funny! i was a teacher's pet with unfortunate consequences. it's in my blog called 'two teachers.'

Sexsage said...


Innocent Owner Of Mad Cats said...

Good one Bob, very cute. I may have been a teachers frog once.

Aditya said...

glad to see ya again Mr. Kermit


The Mathster said...

You make me laugh and isn't tht a good thing! Thanks for the mention too! Teachers pets? Don't get me started.....Congrats on your blog award nomination! I hope you win. Where do we vote? Gotta go read it again.

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