Saturday, August 15, 2009

Red Sky

Red sky at night sailors delight.

Sailors Sayings

Red sky in morning sailors take warning.

Isn't wonderful how you feel when things that have pressed so hard against the recesses of you heart and soul are finally released, a new day, the phone hasn't rang, you enjoy that first cup of coffee, pick up the paper , all is well all is well.

By now many of you have gathered that at one time I was a man of the sea, you would indeed be right.

I started this blog out slowly about stories from Dean, who by the way is not a fictional character.

As it turns out Dean who comes by at least two to three times a week with all these delusional tales, is indeed a wealthy man. He had a fiduciary that tried to take everything while he was institutionalized, but was caught and had to make restitution, Dean wanted to give me a huge chunk of money I refused his offer and had a friend of mine set him up with a trust fund to operate out of.

I was going to tell the long version but changed my mind after writing about my accident.

What direction this will go is yours to discover and mine to plot.

Now that I feel I can face the sea again.

Thanks to all of you, I know I was a bother in the coffee shop and for that I apologize to any and all if I offended.

The ambition and prankster part of me as impish as it is just got the better of me.

I leave this post on this note.

velvet voices vibrate violently

moments masterfully managed

forward favored followers

gaining gleaming gallantly

to a more light hearted and inspiring blog


Anonymous said...

Awesome photo bob. I hope you have found the comfort you thought you lost in the sea agian.
I am also glad that Dean has a friend like you.
Many would smile and nod at his stories, you took those extra steps forward, not to listen, but to hear the stories. Then stepping further forward you helped secure the truth. and last, like the tides of the oceans you once rode waning and waxing you stepped back. many would step onward like a tsunami reaching to take, you bob stepped back and didnt take what dean offered. You stand tall like few men can.

just-adam-okay? said...

I also have heard the call of the sea, but have rarely ventured upon her-my brother is a captain in the coast guard, so I guess I'm a son of a son of a son of a brother of a sailor.

The Real Girl said...

In the UK, we say Shepherd's delight! (we're mad about sheep). Like the poetic verse at the end of your post.

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