Friday, August 14, 2009

Another Turn Around

I apologize for the story interruption but i am working on cabinets in between writing this blog.
So now we have our vessel loaded down with the hands off the rig, our main crew, and a few company men. The trip back to port is extremely rough which the sea hands can handle but all the others are having a hard time to deal with. Imagine if you will sitting on one of those mechanical bulls for eight hours, that is our ride. The vessel is thrown from side to side the seas are now raising to the 15-20ft level so we are up and down like a roller coaster. I handle the wheel OK as i was through this before on a tug boat towing the shuttle crafts fuel tank to cape Canaveral (that's another story maybe later).
After riding the waves for ten solid wrecking hours we reach the sea buoy, now I can catch a 40min. nap.
We arrive at the dock, tie up and unload a boatload of seasick travelers, clean up their mess and start securing the vessel for the incoming storm.
We are not ready to settle in, ya I can get some sleep, but oh no not to be.
Over the radio we get the call, two guys are on a platform in the delta and are going to need water. They have elected to ride out the storm on this small platform. Well needless to say no one was thrilled at this prospect. We were all tired, hungry and sleepy at this juncture and we relayed this back to the people at the home office that we thought this would be ridiculous and unsafe. These guys were only wanting 700gal. of water, our pump pumps that in a minute.
So we would be making this trip in these conditions for a 10min. service call.
Over every ones protests we were over voted by the home office this was a must happen operation.
Maybe i will get another 30-40min. nap.


Anonymous said...

I personally think the home office was risking your whole crews lives foolishly.
granted I dont have all the facts, but assuming the poeple you were to bring water to have not gone days without water at this time, either just ran out or were about to. unless the place they were on was being abandoned soon for good. im assuming again they are idiots to not watch their supplies. the weather channels report a possible storm, do they check supplies? no these idiots wait until they are in the middle of it to check . oh crap cappie weez got not water!
then you have to go and risk you lives to brings
brgg brggg, home base come in home base, the engines dead, cant go, wake me in 10 hours when the storm passes, dehydration takes a few days. now these idiots learned a thursty yet unfatal lesson, check your suplies often moron (not mormons) :D
back in a bit bob

Hunter said...

Interesting story. I'm looking forward to the conclusion. Keep it up!

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