Saturday, August 15, 2009

That Phone-mercial

If You Have Never Received This Call Then PLEASE Ignore This Blog

Caller: hello sir you have won a trip to the Caribbean for your self and a friend.

Me: I have how wonderful, how much is it?

Caller: that's is the great news. We are running a special for only$29.99 today.

Me: that's all, can i bring my dog, and who will watch my horses,

hell you know I'll have to bring the whole dammed family. How bigs them cabins y'all got?

Caller: well sir there are two cabins and you can bring your family.

Me: well dam how'm I spose ta git 17 people in 2 cabins, they talk all the time, hell sometimes they even fight amongst thar sefs, and that dog'll have to walk around too, ya'll got a walkin trail or sumpthin.

Caller: sir I'm not sure you can bring animals....

Me: (interrupting) well I'll be dammed sum ones gotta take care of these here animals I can't jez leave em, they'd be into everthin, wodn"t be able to feed theyseves, ya'll ain't got nobody what could watch em while I'm on the trip and all? That jez don sound right, hell I'll jez have to bring em.

Caller: well sir that would not be allowed ....

Me: (interrupting) well I'll be dammed I ain't bout to leave these here animals to starve, I may haff to jez port youenses to the animal rights people or sumpthin, and besides that you ain't said how you was gonna feed us on this here trip, hell we gotta eat, I know this ain't no overnight thing, an whut about parkin for our vehicles?
Caller: we sir we do provide kennel care, and there are 2 meals per person each day.....
Me: (interrupting) kennel care whut that, like a baby sitter, why hell no i don't trust no baby sitters, an far as foo hell jimmy jo bob , would starve on 2 little ole meal-a-day, guess well have to bring our own vittles, we gotta a big smoker grill too hell we could cook meals foe ever one you got and have plenty left over, bout that parkin, we all drive RVs will bee about eight of em you got parkin for our Rvs?
Caller: sir I don't think your taking this serious and i don't want to waste your time and mine....
Me: (interrupting).. hell I'll be dammed you ain't wastin my time i ain't got nothin better to do no way than to waste yours
well I haven't heard from that trip yet, hope some one is having a good time at the islands.


Anonymous said...

that wuz too funny man

Hunter said...

That's one way to handle an unwanted call. What fun!

Anonymous said...

Awesome, I do one in which I pretend to be a hitman who refuses to move the body. I say that is "Joe-Joe wants the body moved, he needs to hire a mover, stop calling me pretending to be a sales call"

just-adam-okay? said...

ha-I'm on the "no call" list now. I don't have the patience these days and besides, I really hate talking on the phone.

Munial said...

hmm, $29.99 seems very reasonable for a trip to the carribbean including horse kennel

Sarah said...

FUNNY! Any suggestions for the high tech workers in CA?

Political Blog said...

That call reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry gets a call from a telemarketer and he asks for their home number so he can call them and annoy them while their having dinner. (I ruined the joke) You're a funny guy Bob!

therealbobthought said...

I am so glad you stopped in I really felt you needed a laugh.

InnocentlyHarmed said...

It's amusing. xD

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