Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Big Pay-Back or The Pose's Acommin

bbq'n in the back yard stewin over muleskinners little antics, thinkin all my frens and neighbors gonna start callin me "paperboy" or sumthin, I start fumim all over agin.
I star thinken and you know, that can't be good, how I'm gonna pay that no good s. o. b. back.
While I'm doin that, all these here neighbors of mine, are smellin this here cookin,and start moseyin on over.
HELL, John brung a date even, Holly Hooker or some such name, now dont go an tell Bess.
Kyrie and Chase come on over too, as well as Ness, this cutle little Scottish girl with her fambly. Cool and Anxious were here, Mss Sandra, came with her school lunch menu, anyways there was a crowd.
Now I gotta whole passel of people here, might have to swear em all in as a posse, and we will come up with somthin to play on the Ole Muleskinner.
Pert soon all these ideas come rushin outta ever where, more ideas than this ole man can muster. How we gonna pull all this together, much less pull it off, I dont know, but by god I'm in the mood to jez whup some ass.
Bout this time a hush falls in the yard, Tom Muleskinner, in my yard, at my bbq, and no beer with him (damn moocher).
Now Tom and I go way back, hell we graduated the same time, from Mss Sandras' class, 6th grade it was, even celebrated our 16th birthdays together the next day. So's I know him well.
Any ways, I hold back my, I wanna whup your ass attitude, an start chummin up. So hows about comin over Saturday and watch the ball game on my new big screen with me, I sez to Tom, man he jumps for that. I just bought one of them hang on the wall things, bout a 20in screen I think. He's just been waitin to see my bran new TV, got the bastard hooked now. Posse plan set. Kabang. Now the rest of the story as Ole brother Paul would say.
Tom shows up bright and early Saturday mornin, hell I'm still on the front porch readin the damn paper. That moocher still didn't bring no beer.
We get settled in to watch the game, Adam stops by, now this boy knows beer, and he brought some of his home brew, yeah buddy the good stuff.
The game starts directly and man is it boring, nonscoring, wish we wern't playin them Longhorns. Still no score at half time, we're watchin the crowd when Tom yells, out would you lookey there its them youngs from the BBQ
Well we got ole tom plastered on that home brew an i took his ugly ass home, dropped him off on his front lawn dead ass drunk, plans workin fine.
Go on home meet up with the posse thank em all ,we'll talk tomorrow, and I go to bed.
I get this call from Tom Muleskinner, seems he woke up went in his house and found this here sight.
Paper cups filled with water all over his livinroom floor, his furniture been glued to the ceiling, all his sugar and salt stuff all mixed up, the bat room is filled with balloons and his clocks all had a different time one, and to top the cake when I went outside some fool done wrapped my truck in that plastic wrap stuff.
Man all I could do not to wet on myself, that posse of mine deserves accolades of praise.

Pay back is a bitch, huh Tom Muleskinner (lmao) bettern whuppin ass!!!!!!!

Now meet the posse and partners of this caper:




Anonymous said...

damn wista bob thats fukn roit i was in tears oh man thats wild i luvz yir BBQ n vittilz, lmfao man thats hot

Chase said...

Dayam we make a stunning possy. It must suck to be Tom Muleskinner

therealbobthought said...

thought john was gonna kick Muleskinner for looking at his date, and glad you didn't bite anyone

Anonymous said...

bob, you have outdone yourself here. Great story and great details. You have made my day. Thanks so much, now I feel like a bad ass.

Innocent Owner Of Mad Cats said...

Buddy, I'll bring you some beer. Great payback.

just-adam-okay? said...

damn-I thought us Georgia folk knew how to get down,but apparently Louisiana people got a whole different perspective

Political Blog said...

Thanks for the referral Bob! Much appreciate it!


whiterabbit said...

lmao bob.

therealbobthought said...

amy, sorry i mixed you up with sara

Sexsage said...

Snorted me coffee right out of my nose reading this one! But I'm kind of worried for you now Bob. Better get that sekret service happenin' for sekurety. Muleskinners gonna be pretty pist off with you!

therealbobthought said...

yeah felt like the posse out done themselves, i really appreciate all the input i got from everyone. you guys need to know i love you comment and if you leave something that you want me to put a spin on leave it and i will do my best.

Sarah said...

can't wait to see what the payback of the payback will be. what's lmao?

John Silveira said...

y'all make a helluva posse.. that's some funny shit. And thanks for looking me up, Bob

Sandra said...

Very cool! I'll be happy to plan the menu anytime as long as I don't have to cook! LOL!

Mathy,Techy Artsy Fartsy

Adam said...

get him drunk again, and write on him with sharpie. Make sure to include his face, as well as the middle of his back, because that's really hard to reach.

Ness said...

Aw Bob, you wee star you. I totally missed this post when it first came out thanks to a ridiculously huge blog roll that seriously needs to be edited down so I don't miss my favourite bloggers again.

I'm chuffed to all Hell you added me to your posse... Can I have a torch and pitch fork to beat the neighbours with please?
Very, very funny post Bob. You made my day!


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