Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just Plain Ole Stuck-------- Memories And Such

Some things just seem to stick in your memory, your favorite hunting story, fishing story, shopping trip,

vacation, well you get the idea. Here's an outing that is unforgettable, well at least for me!!!

Me and Clem, likes to hang out sumetimes, you know, go fishin, huntin, poker playin, and the such.

Sos, when Clem gets his brand new, used fourwheeler, we just had to go try it out, but not just anywhere

mind you, we went to Roll Gully Bayou, well everone says you can't four wheel there, me and Clem's got

other ideas.

You see this here four wheeler is different, we decide to soup it up, yep, we are cool.

Roll Gully Bayou, looks almos like it sounds, a big ditch what rolls roud the Red river, sandy, boggy, just a

muddy mess. Who could ask for a better playground for two drunks, in a four wheeler. Isolated , way back in

the heart of Mr. Bob land, yeah buddy.

We decided to go early, sos we could fish and such too. Got ther bout 5:00am in the mornin, found a fishin

hole, fish weren't bitin, so we go four wheelin. Mud flyin fun, spinnin out, jumpin the creek openins, dodgin

trees and such, and oh yeah, suckin down the suds.

We are about twelve sheets to the wind by 8:30am, and outta beer, beer run, oh yeah. Two drunk  four

wheelers, head to the truck. Shot gon, I yelled out, hell, we get stopped, I don't need no D.W.I..

Clems, alredy got enuff ,don't bother him.

Get in his truck, he's got one them what can go eny where in, you know the kind, takes a 6ft ladder to get


Clem, is not only the mail man, but a retired militatery police, too. Thinks he can do enything.

They had been putting in a new road to the gully, not much traveled yet, but a real good shortcut., feels like

you travelin in a tunnel though. The sides are about 6ft.high, piled up from the gully, kinda mean lookin. Clem

says, I bet I can jump this side bank, I start laffin, you drunk fool that there is 6ft. high of rocks and dirt, you

ain't gonna jump thet.............................crash.

Wrong thing to say to Clem I guess, tell him can't and he wants to prove it.

Any ways, we done crashed into this thing, out here, with no one around, but God, snakes, and no beer, too.

We start laffin, when we sees,  fire commin out from under the hood. Seems Clem did it right good, slammed

so hard, that it knocked somethin loose, gas on sumthin hot, caught on fire. Hell, what to do, drunks, oh yeah

put out the damn fire.

Run to the river, get a five gallon bucket of that cold ass water, pour on the flames, put out the fire.  POP

POP POP,  SIZZLE SIZZLE, damn cracked the block, and still no beer.

Really stuck now.

Well here comes, Jimmy Ray, with his tow truck, how lucky can you be.

Jimmy, still has a grudge from years back, frog and all, you know.

Sos, he stops, when he spots us, bout a football field away. Well, we wave our hands and call out, hey

Jimmy, tow us into town.. Jimmy, yells back, no can do, gottaa call the state police. I'm on call today and

have to report my where abouts, sorry guys.

That, stoopid S.O.B., I am ready to whup some ass now, you know how I think.

He calls the state boys, they come, and don"t you know, we get this rookie, wearin his shiny new boots, and

those stoopid glasses with the mirrors lookin at ya.

He says, you boys been drinkin.

Well doh.

You think we woulda done sumthin this stoopid iffen we was sober!! I says.

That ole boy just startin laughin , like a bull what had found all the cows at the bottom of the hill.

Said, git in, I'll give yall a ride into town, Clem asks, can you stop on the way, sos we can get some more


He rolled laffin , guess he didn't know Clem was serious.

Jimmy Ray is fumin, he was a thinkin, we'd go to jail. I'm Thinking, posse may have to ride soon and fix his

wagon, we'll see.

Any ways, we get home, get more beer, and pass out. No tickets, no D.W.I. and have a new state boy fren

what want to  go four wheelin with us next time.

I guess the lessin we learnt was, if your gonna go four wheelin, at Roll Gully, and you get there early. Bring

plenty of beer.


tdirt88 said...

love yor blogs brings back the thought of the care free life, real fun something we need in this mean ole world the memories last for ever and that the best one the world need the good happy memories not the ones i speak of in my blog lifes toll on the mind

Anonymous said...

im lmao Mr Bob. that reminds me of the time, aw hell yuoz known i'd be 4gettin that time I did somethin'

lessin lerned, always brings mor beer :)

dannyd said...

I really like this post and the way that you type so that it sounds like you have a Southern accent when you type! Hope you can read and comment on this story of mine, and I really hope that you think it's as good as your story:

Dr. P. Poorluk said...

What a mess! That must have been quite a day!

justme said...

When I come upon a situation like this, I wonder what the hell the driver was thinking.

Innocent Owner Of Mad Cats said...

Bob, I just picked myself up off the floor. Thats where I've been rollin around and laughin like a loony. Thanks for the great story bud.

Chester said...

Always make sure you have enough beer with you Bob!!

It sure is a valuable lesson to learn! =)

Aree said...

Good post...

Rae said...

I love your way of telling a story. Excellent and very amusing!! Thanks so much for adding comments to my blog and for adding yourself as a follower as well. I am pleased to meet you. I am anxious to follow you as well. This is going to be an adventure :)

Lisa said...

Oh Bob, making fun of us Southeners again?? You're too funny. Keep it up.

Pollyanna said...

Bob, you're killing me! I'm going to get in trouble from laughing too much while at work.

Dayne Gingrich said...

You had me at, "Me and Clem..."

Finished it off perfectly with, "...more beer!" Nuff said!!!!

Love your stories. (Thx for your comments, also).

Kristen said...

Haha! Good stuff, good stuff.

Dayne Gingrich said...


Like this template muchhhhh better!

"Mornin" at 440 am??? LMFAO!!!

therealbobthought said...

thank, yall kinda stuck on it my self, and thanks fer them kind comments, I collect em you know.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

I'm glad to see that you grew from this experience and learned your lesson: more beer next time.

whiterabbit said...

Great post! What a way to learn a lesson. Also thanks for comment about my dad, very appreciated. sara

Hunter said...

True wisdom in that last sentence!

Bring plenty of beer.

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