Friday, August 14, 2009

Ok My Story -- Picking Up Passengers

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I hate hurricane season, I know many of you do not live in hurricane prone areas, unfortunately I do. I have been through recent years Katrina, Rita and Gustaf, and these are the ones that i went through on land. my biggest reason that i hate them is because what one did to me offshore.
I can't even remember its name nor if it made it to shore only what it did to me.
I may have related this to one or two of you before but today it has really been on my mind and I had a nightmare about it again last night, so I figure what the hell get out of my system and go on about the day.
It was an unusually cool and breezy afternoon when we left the dock headed to a rig 124 miles out in the gulf of Mexico, we had been watching the weather reports before leaving and knew there was a storm brewing and that we probably would not be out there too long. I was riding as 1st mate so it was my responsibility to take over the wheel at the sea buoy to the rig. this was a 180ft supply vessel the trucker on the gulf if you will. W e had a crew of seven for the vessel and passengers for the rig. As we were headed out you couldn't help but notice how the seas were growing and getting rougher in fact just before we got to the rig we were radioed to keep our passengers on board and that we would be picking up about 30 more people.
We would be doing a hurricane evacuation from the rig transporting these people back to shore for safety.
At this point I had been at the wheel for aroun 14hrs already the turn around trip would be another 10hrs plu the time it would take to load an off load passengers from our vessel.
This is a normal procedure but not normal weather, the loading of passengers took twice as long as normal and these guys are more used to riding helicopters to and from the rig so they are not happy with the accomadtios afforded by a supply vessel either, their normal ride to the rig is about an hour by air and they would be on a vessel on the sea for over 8hrs. Most of them had no sea legs or the stomach for the ride they were getting ready to take. enough for now

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