Sunday, October 11, 2009

Part Two of Three In The Hippie Hick Road Trip

After paying the fines and towing charges for the bogus tow, we went and stayed on this really big farm. We pitched at tent out on the edge of the field, in a small clearing next to the wooded area and creek.

We discovered that the creek was full of crawfish, man like stirken gold, and these boys had no idee, whut we were all excited about. So we says we will make them a crawfish boil, if they bring plenty of beer. So we had this big ole crawsfish boil, these folks never heard of such, but they ate all them crawfish up, like they were candied apples.

The next mornin, we decided we better try and git a hold of the boys, thet wanted us to build the concert stage. We still had no idee whut was goin on, with this here concert. At this point, we were damn near broke, been in jail, in an alien state, we were just plain ole wore out, and needed money.

Finally,made contact by phone with these fellers, they said the concert site had to be moved, and for us to git headed towards Cumberland Gap. We said no problem, cept, we ain't got no money, and damn near outta gas, can they help us out. Far out, they are gonna send us five hundered  dollars, as expense money, so cool.

Now we git on the road to Cumberland Gap, whever the hell thet is. Ever body in these parts knew eggsactly where it was, and more than happy to give us directions.
I still think they was just, a wantin to git rid of the damn hippies, whut was campin on their farm.

There were so many long haired, half nude, stoned, people, wanderin aroun this Cumberland Gap area, lookin for the same concert site, that we were spose to know the whereabouts of. Hell, we just startin followin the crowds. No boby, knew nuthin, least of all me and Gene. Hell, we set up shop and startin sellin all this stuff outta the U_Haul trailer.

In just a few hours we had sold almost all the papers, bongs, and pipes. Made some more money from some candles too.

Now, we had to figger out, whut we gonna do, can't git a hold of them concert boys. Ever one just wanderin all around these campsites, we're just gettin stoned and meetin people. Ever one makin fun of our accents and all, just wanna hear us talk, man, I couldn't stop laffin.
I didn't know if I was laffin cause I was stoned, or if it was cause of all this stoopid stuff, we done and got our self into. We just give up on the concert thing, and decide just to see some country.

We head north, don't know where we're goin, just gonna figger it out as we go. Ever one is hitchin rides to go back home, and so we decide we will just pick some one up and give em a ride.

We saw this one feller, he had a big suit case, a guitar, and really looked tired. So we stopped and ask him where he was headed. He said, Paw Paw, Michigan. Hell, never heard of it, git in, we'll take you there.

Come to find out, this feller was a leather crafts guy. He had headed out for the concert, whut never happened, to sell some of his leather stuff, now, like us, he's got all this shi... and is headed home.
We all start singin, git stoned some more and head for Paw Paw, man, folks back home ain't never gonna believe this shi........

My car is about wore out now, whut with towin that U-Haul trailer and all, but we make it to Paw Paw.
First we head out to this campsite whut has a waterfall and all.Now I don't know if eny of you ever been under a waterfall afore or not, but man whut a trip.

The water just comes straight down and your hair squeeks real loud, and cold as hell. The chicks were taking shower and man did these hippie hicks git an eye full. We had never seen such afore, this has gotta be the life.
Joe, the leather guy, invites us to crash at his pad for a while, so we stay there and git stoned and learn to make leather shi... for about a week.

Gene, start thinkin bout his sister, livin in Wisconsin, an he says, hey we're so close, how a bout we go there next. Cool, but my tires are all wore out, and I don't think I got enuff money to buy none.
Joes' buddies say, no problem, we know where some are real cheap, we'll go git em for you, cool.

Gene and I start mappin out the trip to Green Bay, to see his sister, git it done,and crash early so we can git on the road in the mornin. We wake around five, Joes' buddies say come check out your new wheels. We go out side to the car, wow man, far out, brand new wheels and tires for the trip, on the car now. So we pack up and head out.

On our way outta town, Gene's given me directions and all, then he just gets real quiet. He's lookin over at a new car lot, an he says slow down a minute. We look over there, and there is a car just like mine, cept for one thing.
It's sitiin on blocks, no wheels an no tires, I look at Gene, an say, You a thinkin, whut I'm a thinkin, he says , yep.
Man, them tires whut them boys put on my car, are hot. Holy shi.... we ain't been gone but three weeks, been in jail, camped out on sum farm, showered in a waterfall, got too stoned. Now we got hot wheels.
Whut else can happen.


Hunter said...

Great story. Found myself smiling from start to finish.

Just Playin' said...

You are a mess, you sweet thang...both of you! Thanks for wishing me a Happy Birthday! Gotta celebrate every breath!!!
Enoy the day!

Jenno said...

OMFG -- glad there's less legal trouble in this chapter... although I'm surprised nobody ever told them boys that matchbox cars are still better than drivin' on hot wheels. Hehehe :D

Alice in Wonderland said...

I just loved this story, Bob! I couldn't help but laugh all the way through! Who would have thought it of you!
Big Hugs and love to Bess! XXX

Anonymous said...

you make me miss long hair, hippychix and bonghit in stolen cars man. if Only i could remember the 80s :D

Ron said...

Couldnt stop laughing what a great story.

Charlene said...

Always so much fun Bob... keep em comin! (Also - I'm really liking the new "You may also like..." widget!)

Jay Dreamer said...

haha ^_^ what a story! thanks for stopping by my blog. man am i glad i found YOURS!!

Sarah said...

i don't know which one will get you more trouble - girls under the waterfall or the hot wheels.

Innocent Owner Of Mad Cats said...

For Bob, both the hot wheels AND the girls under waterfalls. I'm going nuts waiting for part 3.

Rae said...

Sorry. I am just now getting around and getting caught up on reading my favorite blogs. I had to go back and catch up. Very funny. You can write and tell a story better than anyone. Thanks for the laugh.

plainolebob said...

Since I got so far behind on thanking you all for your , I just wanna say somthing kinda like that beer guy.
lol, I really do

Chester said...

ha ha, top stuff again Bob - keep 'em coming!!!


that was an awesome tale you just weaved for us! at this point i am so broke i would consider a hot tire as a 'deal' and leave it at that! finally following you back!

Bendigo said...

You sir, are awesome. I look forward to coming here, cause I know that almost every time I do, I will feel better when I'm done reading. I offer you this small token of appreciation . Thanks for all you do to make our lives a little brighter :)

parentingBYdummies said...

You have an interesting writing style. I'm eager to read more. I'll be combing through your archives a bit to figure out what's the deal with plainolebob!

Tom Goette said...

Once again you spin a tale that's got me on the edge of my seat. Hurry up with part 3...not sure how long I can stay balanced! Great job!

Anonymous said...

I gasped at the fact that you picked a random stranger up. Where I’m from, you might as well hand the guy your keys and shoot yourself in the head – save yourself the torture before the kill.

plainolebob said...

Thanks for the comment ya'll.
I guess it was a little friendlier in the 60s and 70s, you never heard the phrase, I'll pop a cap in your knee, then.
Hitch hiking was just anothe way to git around, and pot was the evil drug.
Big Hugs

Sandee said...

This is right out of at 60s/70s playbook. I think I was there actually. Bwahahahahahahaha.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

carma said...

Man, you life is much more adventurous than mine, aside from the occasional smackdown that is ;-)

Kate said...

Loved the story - thanks for the laugh!

MaryRC said...

that sounds like a fun hot mess... thanks for following shaking the tree.

plainolebob said...

Sandee, thats when it all took place,lol

Carma, it is much more adventurous now, what wit the irs and all.

Kate, if that is your name, hmmm under the cloak of mystery she comes.....

Mary, it was too much fun, and so is your blog

Anonymous said...

Peace and love at a concert place!

Secretia (Secret Story Time)

Farila said...

I burst out laughing when I saw the how you spell figger... just hoping you will not corrupt my spelling because I teach them for a living... Finally I found your blog.
PS Have sent you a mail.

plainolebob said...

this was the age for all the peace and love, and i really did live it up then.

Farila, I just can't hep my sef, when I git to writin thet a way. lol

John McElveen said...

OMG- I have struck GOLD! What an awesome site! If I don't do anything else in life I laugh. Because I can still do that laying on the couch with the remote in my hand- or reading POSTS like these! Thank you so much for stopping in.

This is gonna be cool! Yep- I talk like that,- I'm Old see>
Have a great weekend!

PS: Please post more- because the late 60's and all the 70's have been deleted from my hard drive due to the Cannabis Virus of 72!


Sibel said...

Hi! Bob, you are everything that a little Belgium girl thought America and the hippies during the sixties were. When is the book going to come out? LOL, Big hugs to you and Bess, the coolest bloggers in blogworld.

plainolebob said...

Hey ever one, hope you all have a fantastic weekend, i been fightin this stoopid computer for three days, some times it just froze up, and some times it would just not stay on the same page.
Gonna try and finish up the trip and get back home with this story.
THANKS for your patience

Cheri Pryor said...

Ahhhh...those sweet 60's! lol! Okay, I was BORN in the 60's and was only 5 by the time they were over. But still.

And isn't pot still evil? Depending on who you ask, of course. =)

plainolebob said...

Cheri, you think the post is evil?
wow, just stoopid stuff that

plainolebob said...

John, glad you made iy by this mornin, and congrats,

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