Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Halloween, And Read The Extras I've Included Too

Ever Halloween, after I git all the Christmas stuff out, and checked, I try to do a little trickery, for the Halloween

I put all the candy and treat in this ole worn out wash tub, man, I get all kinds of candy for this event. I dress up like an ole scarecrow, with a straw hat and ever thin.

I gat all them big ole spider webs up, all down the side walk, comming to the porch. I hang all them flyin ghost from the trees, build a little pumpkin patch area with bales of hay.

We have them little stick scarecrows all over the yard, and them fake headstones with the R.I.P. on em.
Ever thing looks really funny, spooky, eerie just good ole fashioned Halloeenish.

I always love the faces of them little ones, and their costumes, but when they git that big ole handful of candy, now they are just so damn funny. They say "trick or treat" in the sweetest ways, some are just so shy and scared, I try not to scare them littlest ones, but them that is a little older, well, I git em. LOL.

Me an Clem, built this hide-a-way hole, grave, Clem, gits inside, and when them smarty kind of older kids come up, they git their candy, look around a little, they get ready to leave. Clem, comes up real fast outta thet grave, man, I can't help but laff, them younguns, are so spooked, most of em just flat out run outta here.

It's one of the funniest sites you ever saw.

Now if you wantta read some reall spooky stuff you gotta check these out:

Both of these posts are just too cool for Halloween to not pass along.


LOL.    Love and BIG HUGS ALL


LookingForNormal said...

Hey bob; There is something about seeing people scared that makes me laugh. I do the same thing when someone falls. Its sick I know but I cant help it. I would love to see those older kids, ya know they are so cool and tough at that age. lol. To see them jump and run... well I laugh just thinking about it. My little ones bday is on Halloween. I'm not sure that she would like the trick or treating at your house though. lol.

Innocent Owner Of Mad Cats said...

Does Clem actually get in the hole or did he just fall in there one year by accident? :)

plainolebob said...

you just gotta have fun with em this time of year, they will grow up too soon, unless they're like me.LOL

Mike, Clem is so stoopid I can talk him into anything,lol

Anonymous said...

What a refreshing and funny place to be. I enjoyed the blogs I read and intend on reading more and more.
I am happy to have stumbled upon it-its like a cool breeze with the sweet smell of life and happiness.

I know I know, nothing to do with your Halloween post..sorry just wanted to comment about your blog because I really like it.

I'll be lurking around a lot :)

Take Care

Carmen said...

Love the imagery in your blog Bob - can so imagine the scene. You need to come and scare some of the ratbags round our way :D

Thanks for the links, interesting reads, loved the photo one.

Sandee said...

You and Clem are on the evil side and I mean that in the nicest way. Bwahahahahahaha.

Have a terrific day. Big hugs back. :)

Rae said...

I would love to see this in action. I would laugh my head off. Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year and tricks are as much a part of it as treats. You are so funny and quite a prankster. I bet it would be a hoot to share time with you.

BTW I responded to your award comment by email.

Bendigo said...

Thanks for the idea, I think that I'll tell the boys to dig a hole when they get home from school...Halloween should have a little more bite at our house this year ... :)

Pollyanna said...

Your house sounds like a lot of fun at Halloween!

Those older kids that are just out for candy deserve a good Clem Scarin'.

The Blonde Duck said...

Happy Halloween!

Critical+Technical said...

enjoy your halloween!

ByDSea said...

So that was YOUR house! I was the
Great post, I'm with lookingfornormal, I don't know what it is but other people's fear is funny.

plainolebob said...

Nobody,we welcome you, so glad you found us.

Carmen, love scarin those boogers.

Sandee, me an Clem are fools,lol

Miss Rae,the grave thing works ever time, and you would love some of the pranks we pull.

Bendigo, don't have em gig it too deep tho, you want to be able to jump up easy like.

Polly, Clem scares the fool outta em

Blond, back atcha happy happy

CT. it will be fun

ByDsea, you are so right, more funny when it happens to someone else

Melissa B. said...

Ima like your style, Bob! Maybe I'll trick-or-treat in your neighborhood this year?

plainolebob said...

Melissa, you would be more than welcome any time, just keep an eye out for Clem

Sarah said...

i'm avoiding your house this year. clem might give me a heart attack. lol!

Anonymous said...

I'm saying bah humbug to Halloween this year....

plainolebob said...

Sarah, ok then, just talked to Clem, your house it is

YAYA,I think I would agree, boo hunbug here tho,lol

Tgoette said...

I'm glad you get into the spirit of the season so well. I spent some time spookifying my front yard today and picked up a few more things to add the finishing touch tomorrow. The kids enjoy it and these days, with more and more homes going dark, it's nice to share some of the magic that made Halloween so special for us when we were young. Great job, Bob!

blueviolet said...

I've seen some of those videos on AFV where they scare the trick or treaters and it's hilarious! I'm glad you're having fun with it.

plainolebob said...

T., yep and we watch out for all the little ones here still too, we all got kids and grandkids, they deserve it.

Blue, I ain't seen them videos, but I bet ours are just as funny, we are just big fools sometime here.

LookingForNormal said...

I just got a sick idea but had to laugh at myself bob. What if I wait for those older kids to get to the door, tie up my german shepard and and put a sheet on her. Then she would take off after them, look like a ghost, scare the hell out of them, but couldn't get to them. She doesn't bite but her bark is scary. I know not funny, sometimes I just get twisted thoughts. lol. ps did you read my post on the falling leaves??

plainolebob said...

Tammy, are you kidding me, thats a funny as hell idea, scary, but funny.

John Silveira said...

Bess and Bob, I am so sorry I haven't been around lately. As you saw, I have been working on a new project. It's still in progress but getting there... Propbably go public soon...
Check this blog out for award consideration... truly brilliant

Farila said...

Am I welcome to visit you next year... I sure want to be there

kys said...

I'm not trick or treating in your neigborhood. I have a weak bladder.

Jenny said...

great post! happy halloween!

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