Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mr.Bob Is Back-And Is Passing On ( AWARDS that is )

 Hey Ya'll,
Now ain't that sumthin, damn, anyway I'm back now.
Some of you may remember I have some awards I need to pass on, so, you know how I am, lets get this thing on.
I had no idea how tough this would be, I normally read between 20 and 30, blogs a day. There are probably about  ninehunderdsixtyseven kazillion ones out there, I think I may have to take a peed reading course.

Here are a few of my favorite blogs and bloggers:

If you are from Boston or not, and whether you like sports or not, this happens to be, in my opinion, one of the slickest, best written, and entertaining blog sites out there.  Pardon My  Opinion, is a top notch blog.

My very most favorite pet blog. Now you may have to be warned here, this blog is about cats, you may hate em you may love em, but you can not deny, they are entertaining. Stories From An Innocent Owner of Mad Cats, is just a fun, antic filled, type of blog. It leaves you feeling wonderful.

What can i say about coach Dayne, if you are not now reading his words of encouragement, and true to the heart advice, you are missing out , on the guide to finding a better you. Coach Your Mind. is a must read blog, you never know what you may need to hear, so do not miss this one.

From the inner workings of Super Desk Jockey, to the ramblings a haiku, you will never find a more reawarding blog, a more amusing blog, or for that matter just plainole, laff yo ass off funy blog. than Hunters'. I have been reading Time Crook, ever since I found it hidden, tucked away. while browsing  the coffee shop. It said something to the effect that he was looking to be discovered and become rich, I lmao then, and I lmao now.

These ARE the four that I pass along the award that miss Sandra, from this fun site http://www.realmathinaminute.blogspot.com/
gave to me. Congratulations Guys,  Enjoy.

These are the next group of bloggers that I am passing on the other award to:
This blog can make you laugh, make you cry, it will make you think, and is never booring. Sarah, reading your blog is a pleasure, watching your content grow has been amazing, keep up the wonderful work.The Good Girls, is one of those blogs that keeps getting better and better all the time.

This blog site is full of good natured fun, at times, and at other times, plainole good advice. Carney woman non-freak type, lost star, and self proclaimed, singer. Charlene, it is truly, a fantastic blog you have, and I enjoy it immensely.The Balance Beam, this blog will never let you down, well written by a busy mom, wife, and business woman, relating to all the ins and outs of how to keep it together and to have fun doing it.

Pollyanna, if you do not know this name, you are truly missing out on loads of fun, and a quirky daily writing, it is just so much fun trying to keep up.Life Makes Me Laugh, says it all, well not quite, she will make you laugh as she takes you inside her world, which believe me, is more than worth the trip. You never known, could be monkey hair, could be carny pictures, but it is always fun.

This one has been the hardest for me, I haven't been reading his blogs all that long, but have become a rapid fan of his. He has several blog sites and each is as good as the other. The content and lay out of his blogs are very friendly and fun sites to go to. The blogs are always fresh and lovely, you may even find some of your other friends there, A/V, as he may more likely be called is a gentleman above all. Argentum Vulgaris, may be found on multiple sites.                                                                                                                          http://itsnotthecoffin.blogspot.com/

The award I am passing on here is the one from AlpHa Buttonpusher, at her fantasticall amazing site  called Simplify.


Pretty cool huh!!

CONGRATULATIONS EVERY ONE, and thank you all for every thing.


Hunter said...

Hi, Bob.

Thanks for including my blog in this post. I'm familiar with some of the other blogs, so I know that I'm in some fine company.

Glad to have you back!

-Hunter (The Time Crook)

Anonymous said...

Cool, I give good blog, I love it. Thank you Bob, they will go on tonight, appreciated. Makes blogging all the nicer. I'll also look at passing it on.


La Jenno said...

Awesome to see other bloggers appreciating one another. :) Even more awesome to see you up-and-at-'em still. Keep kickin it around for a while longer! :)

Sarah said...

wow, thanks bob for the award, and in such fine company too! what a great honor it is. i think you instilled euphoria and writer's block in me simultaneously! :)

plainolebob said...

your are welcome you know me call em as I see em, so many deserving people wish I could give all the bloggers I read an award, may have to come up with one.
Oh yeah, a Mr. Bob deeelux edition type one.

Anonymous said...

Posted Bob and linked to you, thanks again. I get the impression if you made an award it would be something like the "Corncob Pipe" award.

plainolebob said...

whut a grate idee

lifechick said...

Thanks for the links -- I will check out these blogs!

Charlene said...

You give the best gifts Bob. :-) And in good company indeed! Thank you so very much!!

Dayne Gingrich said...

WOW!!!!! Totally speechless!

Thank you sooo much for your kind words... and coming from such a popular guy, that means a ton!

Glad to have you back... gonna get set to read what comes from you next-- always look forward to it!

Thanks again!


John Silveira said...

Good Ole Bob... what can I say.. Thank you so much !!! I can only hope you enjoy mine as much as I enjoy yours - Nuf Ced
I've been slacking lately but.... obviously I need to start kickin it around again !!!!

Kate said...


Thanks for the recommendations I am pretty new to blogging so will definitely have a look at the sites mentioned

Kate x

Innocent Owner of I Give Good Blog Award said...

Mr.BOB!!! Welcome back and as you can see, including myself, many people missed ya buddy. Thanks for the award, i'm very honored. I'll go put it up and like AV I will link it to you my friend.

Sandra said...

Well, Ole Bob, I have been missin' you, for real. Glad you are back in the saddle. Thanks again for the plug...that just makes my day. And I can't wait to go check out your other new faves and award winners. I am out of ATL, the raining capital of the world!!! and I am at the beach...my favorite place in this whole big ol wide world. Take care

Shinade aka Jackie said...

Pineville, LA. Bob? Do we no each other? My biological father was from Wainnfield. My name was Stroud.

Anyway congratulations on your award!! I am very glad you are back and I hope all is okay!!

I haven't been real well this week myself.

But, I have something for you and Bess..yup..it's another award!!

Ya'll have managed to inspire me. I enjoy myself immensely with every visit!!


Happy weekend to you and Bess!!:-)))

Miss M. said...

Ummmm...did I just commented on the wrong post...? Answer is: YES !!! lol I'm such a noob...

Thank you for the links to those blogs, I'll check all of them ! It's exactly what I was looking for.

M. xxx

Pollyanna said...

I'm such a clod for not acknowledging this sooner.

Thank you so much for loving me! I'm writing up my post right now :)

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