Sunday, May 16, 2010

whats happening in your word?
BP: Mile-Long Tube Sucking Oil Away From Gulf Well
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Stacy Schumacher

Stacy Schumacher it's funny how usa can jump in for every other countries disasters and here we are unable once again to care for US!!

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Tucker Mendoza

Tucker Mendoza Thank you for your proposal to assist in the Gulf Oil Spill emergency response. In order for your proposal to be forwarded to BP and evaluated, please provide details of your proposal by following the web link below and completing a short form
Louisiana Business Emergency Operations Center (LABEOC) is your direct link to getting involved with the Gulf Oil Spill Emergency Response Operations. Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana has requested, "If businesses have a specific type of technology that our experts think can be incorporated into t...
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Tucker Mendoza
Tucker Mendoza 
maybe it will work ...

Thank you for you offer to assist in the Gulf Oil Spill emergency response. We have forwarded your contact information and proposal to BP/U.S. Coast Guard Unified Command. You might be directly contacted by them, should further information be necessary. Thank you for submitting your proposal.

Thank you,...See More
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Lee Hitzke

Lee Hitzke The only real solution: Get rid of career politicians and bureaucracies, they only breed corruption and fraud. Vote in ALL elections. Vote ! Vote! Vote!

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Brenda Ayers
Brenda Ayers 
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Roy N Thomas Jr

Roy N Thomas Jr What a hell of a situation!!!! BP has really messed up big time!!!

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Bob Byford

Bob Byford Who to hold accountable? How big is it? Can it be stopped? Can we contain it? Is part of the story missing? Does any one really know...will any one ever tell?

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Original Dairy Barner
Original Dairy Barner 
Those Fools will Reap theirs for destroying so much Beauty in the Gulf. I lived in Panama City for a while. The Gulf is the Best I ever saw or swam in. I am so Ripping Mad at the Government for their lack of intelligence!!!
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Tucker Mendoza

Tucker Mendoza The plume is compact, much thicker than the lighter remnants reaching the surface and suspended in about 3,000 feet of ocean, he said. A deepwater current is dragging it out to sea. The underwater oil cloud is not connected to the surface slick - now the size of Delaware and Rhode Island combined."This [underwater] plu...

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Linda Ferry Pitts
Linda Ferry Pitts 
What a disaster BP has created...
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Bob Byford
Bob Byford 
bp, doesnt really care or they would quit keeping people out of the zone, every time an expert tries to enter, bp has another excuse for a reason as to why they can't
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Bob Byford
The company whose drilling triggered the Gulf of Mexico oil spill also owns a rig that operated with incomplete and inaccurate engineering documents, which one official warned could lead to catastrophic operator error, records and interviews show.
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Bob Byford
Local News, businesses and Classifieds in and around Durham, NC.
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Gorges Smythe said...

"Is part of the story missing?"

I wonder how many people have even heard about the North Korean sub theory? (You have to call it a theory since the original story came from Russia!)

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