Monday, March 15, 2010

Ain't Nuthin Funny Bout It

I have been traveling through that door
that portal that shows the eddy, the whirlpool, vortex if you will.
A sight i would rather never have seen.
Life leads directly back to where you started from.
I knew this.
Then why am I so at a loss.
When at what point do we come to the realization
that not all that was dreamed will never be.
Those days in summer
swimming in the creek,
flying from the tire swing hanging by a lone rope,
falling gently into the waters waiting cool.
Fishing for the first time, 
and then doing it later with the children you love.
Capturing a glimpse into sheer love and amazement.
It ain't over till it's over
I have heard.


Sandee said...

Life is a cycle that swirls and swirls. Good, bad or indifferent it continues. Through the ups and downs, until it is no more.

Big hug Bob. :)

Pollyanna said...

I love doing things with my kids that I used to do when I was a kid. I always wonder if I had the same look of joy, inquisitiveness, amazement as they do. I wonder what kind of memories they are going to keep and pass on to their children - a perpetual cycle from generation to generation.

Alice in Wonderland said...

Hey Bob! I've really missed you! Such a lot has happened. I hope that you are back to stay, miss you!
Big Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Life is a spiral
as time goes on,
things always seem larger..
the world,
our problems,
our waistlines,
and our love for life
and our friends
I hope your doing okay mr bob :)

Charlene said...

Very nice. Thanks for sharing the "softer side of Bob."

:-) Hope to see you more!

plainolebob said...

been kind of losin my self on facebook, no concentrating just mindless rambling while doing my sonly duties, back soon hopefuly
big hugs to all

Lorenza said...

HI BOB welcome back! Please visit my blog there i surprise for you

LOL Lorenza

Carmen said...

Oooh goosebumps. That was beautiful Bob.


lesinfin said...

That was beautiful!

Sarah said...

i'm visiting my mom right now and i think i can relate. first day i think i should move in with her. second day? maybe not so much. i know if i keep living with her and the feeling will probably go down steadily. can you get some help so you can get away once in a while? don't get burned out.

Betty said...

Dear Bob,
I hope you're doing well, today.
You know that I've missed you.
Take your time.
Real life comes first!.
Big hugs

Angie said...

So very nice. Glad you found some time to write a little bit for us. It was little, but very big in content. I love it.

John McElveen said...

What a way with words- I felt the Ice Cold water of the Alafai River in Florida as I dropped from the Rope. I Pray Life ends up back there!

Great piece, and I sincerely apologize for not being around. I will be thought!!!



The word verification was CEMETIV--Latin for Cemetery- I hope that doesn't mean anything. Never-mind- I just made that up! since we were talkin' bout Life and stuff! (That was the word, really.)

Fran said...

Took me back to childhood, the tyre image.

PlainOle, you're signed up to my blog, so am just letting you know that you might need to unfollow and follow again to keep getting posts now I'm just Being Me and not Being Miss. Hope you do! Follow my name link.

kim Clayton said...

The circle isn't so bad the best memories my children have are the lazy days at the river we shared not the expensive trips we took. I remember the day of having a watermelon cooling in the creek while we charcoal grilled up some burgers with family and friends good times!

Lily Robinson said...

...and then, doing it again with the grandchildren! Nice post.

Jennings said...


Ness said...

Hey Bob, remember me... Small, Scottish and a total grammar Nazi? Yep, I'm finally back in the blogger-verse and wanted to send my love. Your blog is as fantastic as ever :D

Charlene said...

Feeling nostalgic for the old gang... I think everyone is going through some heavy stuff. Positive thoughts to you and yours Bob... Be well!

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